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Dosage Forms


Why Choose Midtown Compounding Pharmacy?

Specialized in compounding, our team excel at preparing medical formulas tailored to your unique needs, with the purpose of assisting you to reach your optimal health & physical well-being.

Midtown Compounding Pharmacy


Dosage Forms

We prepare many different dosage forms depending on physicians desires and patient needs.

1- Creams, gels and ointments

2- Suppositories

3- Capsules

4- Sublingual lozenges (troches)

5- Sublingual drops

6- Lollipops

7- Sprays

Pain Management

Pediatric Compounding

Sexual Health

Dermatology & Aesthetics (Skin/Hair)

Veterinary Compounding

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    • Testimonials

      Melody is an amazing pharmacist with a ton of experience. She really cares about serving her community and her facility is clean and professional. Excellent compounding services as well.

      Naturopathic Doctor,

    • Testimonials

      Great boutique pharmacy with a very professional pharmacy team. The chief pharmacist is very personable, hands on and always provides excellent service. Would highly recommend this pharmacy!


    • Testimonials

      Excellent service & friendly faces. One of the best pharmacies in town


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