Dosage Forms

We prepare many different dosage forms depending on physicians desires and patient needs.

1- Creams, gels and ointments

We suggest an airless pump dispensers for many creams and gels which are convenient, consistent and handy for travel.

We also use convenient topical syringes especially useful for very small doses.

For example : female testosterone at the rate of 2 mg per 0.1 ml of gel.

Pain and nausea medication can also be applied in this way to allow patient or caregiver to easily titrate dose based on need.

Sizes range from 0.5 ml to 60ml.

Also , Heat sealed tubes are available in sizes from 3 Gm up to 240 Gm.

We usually prepare suppositories in a heat sealed pull apart shell which are especially convenient for products such as indomethacin and progesterone.

Patients and caregivers find these easy to use and damage to the suppository during removal is rare which is good for rectal or vaginal applications

3- Capsules

We also prepare slow release dry powder capsules.

For example : triiodothyronine, DHEA, Pregnenolone, melatonin, and hydrocortisone.

4- Sublingual lozenges (troches)
Our ftiny half moon shaped creation is comfortable under the tongue almost unnoticeable due to its shape and size and can be used for testosterone, estrogens, selegiline/ergotamine, melatonin and other items We have successfully made progesterone and other products up to 50 mg in this form . We also make medium to large lozenges when required.

5- Sublingual drops
We prepare many natural hormones in a sublingual liquid.

We provide handy oral syringes for accurate dosing and to sweeten without risk to the teeth we use sweeteners such as stevia, xylitol and glycerin .

Usually it’s the least expensive way to dose natural hormones as its advantages are:

*least time consuming process for us to make.

*the required amount of medication is usually 1/2 to 1/4 the amount required for oral dosing.

NOTE: There is one problem regarding sublingual drops or lozenges. Saliva testing for hormones levels can not be accurately done with this type of dosing.

6- Lollipops
for smoking cessation We can make sucrose-free lollipops using a sorbitol base that can include nicotine, for mouth or throat pain we can make oral anaesthetics, and several different formulations for controlling nausea.

7- Sprays
We use convenient pump dispensers for nasal and throat spays that deliver a consistent dose.

For example We prepare xylitol/beclomethasone, a snore stopper with uvula sprayer and others.

8-Ophthalmic drops
Prepared in a clean room then packed into sterile dropper bottles of various sizes.

9-Vials containing sterile injections
prepared in a clean room with a laminar flow hood

such as tri-mix (phentolamine/ papaverine/ prostaglandin E-1) for penile injection (erection aid).

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