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Specialized in compounding, our team excel at preparing medical formulas tailored to your unique needs, with the purpose of assisting you to reach your optimal health & physical well-being.

Through compounding, they can recreate a medication that is no longer manufactured.

They can control the dose strength of some ingredients. Even the form can be changed (from a solid pill to liquid for instance). Flavors can be added & allergens removed. Each compounded medication is individualized to fit the patient’s condition.

Though we also dispense the commercially available medications, compounding constitutes the main portion of our work. Our compounded formulas vary in function .. They can be used for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, pain relief, sexual dysfunction, dermatological diseases, etc.

To help maintain your wellness, we make sure that each customer receives ideal care by providing a different set of services including:

  1. Renewing their prescription
  2. Prescription Transfer
  3. Organizing their medications
  4. Medication reviews
  5. Advice on over-the-counter medications
  6. Easy refills
  7. Medication disposal

Delivering a satisfactory service experience is one of our major values. So all along you will find our staff there for you to provide advice on a particular prescription or whatever consultation you desire.


Midtown Compounding Pharmacy passed the regulations and standards governed by the Ontario College of Pharmacists, as well as the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct outlined by the provincial and federal legislations.


What are Bio-identical Hormones ?

The term “bio-identical” means the hormones are chemically identical to the hormones produced by the human body. Actually these hormones are derived from natural sources and then modified in a lab to match the chemical structure of human hormones .

Are your hormones out of balance?

In mid-life, people’s normal hormone levels decline and affect many areas of their health, including : mood, metabolism and sexual and reproductive function . The ideal process for achieving hormonal balance includes an assessment of hormone levels and complete evaluation of signs and symptoms, followed by replacement of the deficient hormones .

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is most often prescribed to ease the symptoms of menopause, but it also can be used to treat a variety of conditions that women of all ages may experience, including:

– Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)

– Irregular menstrual cycle

– Moodiness

– Infertility

– Post-partum depression

– Weight gain

– Endometriosis

– Fibrocystic breasts

– Sleep disturbances

– Hot flashes

– Night sweats

– Decreased libido

– Painful sexual intercourse

– Vaginal dryness

These conditions affect millions of women. woman’s body is different and has its own unique needs, but commercially manufactured products tend to be “one-size-fits-all”.

Hormone replacement therapy is one treatment option that patients can choose in consultation with their doctors as it’s a way to restore the balance and help you feel like yourself again by creating prescription hormones that are structurally identical to natural hormones at the lowest possible dose and in the particular dosage form that best suits an individual patient’s needs.

In Midtown Compounding Pharmacy , we make high-quality, customized prescription hormones. Our pharmacists work closely with both patients and their doctors to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

Commonly prescribed hormones include:

  • Progesterone • Estrogens • Testosterone • DHEA • Thyroid hormones Hormone dosage forms include: • Capsules • Creams • Suppositories • Sublingual drops & troches

Working closely with a woman and her healthcare provider, a compounding pharmacist can help a woman start and maintain a hormone replacement regimen that brings her hormones back into balance and make sure the HRT is working correctly by monitoring to fine tune the therapy if necessary

It can take the form of a stress-induced headache, a muscle group strained from sports activities, or be the result of an injury at work or an automobile accident. For some, pain can be chronic in nature and something they live with on a daily basis .

Chronic pain may have countless causes and perpetuating factors, therefore it’s difficult to manage than acute pain, requiring a multidisciplinary approach and customized treatment protocols  tailored specifically for each patient needs.

A medication’s taste can sometimes be offensive to a child’s senses; it can be too salty, naturally bitter, or sour.

In Midtown Compounding Pharmacy  , We have an armory of flavors to make even the most disagreeable medications tolerable and often enjoyable to take.

Children may also require a particular strength of a drug because of their age or weight .Some medications are commercially available in strengths that are not suitable for your child .

Don’t panic  ! Midtown Compounding Pharmacy is the answer  as we can prepare various strengths

At MIDTOWN COMPOUNDING PHARMACY We know your pet is part of your family – they love you unconditionally and you care for them when they are SICK that’s why they deserve the highest-quality veterinary care.

Whether it’s an emergency or regular preventative treatment, we are the best choice for your quality veterinary compounding needs.

As most medications were not made for animals – we can specialize the dosage form and strength to each individual

Taste – your animals know they’re getting medicine – we can mask the taste with our special flavors tailored to each domestic animal

Midtown Compounding Pharmacy  offers a variety of advanced skin-care products to treat, correct and prevent various dermatological conditions.

Whether your practice treats skin diseases (i.e. Psoriasis, Eczema, Cancers, Acne, Rosacea, alopecia, warts) or cosmetic dermatology (i.e. Anti-aging, Laser treatments, chemical peels, Acne, Rosacea), WE HAVE compounds to fit each type of practice.

In Midtown Compounding Pharmacy we have solutions for intercourse pain and vaginal yeast infection.

We prepare many different dosage forms depending on physicians desires and patient needs.

1- Creams, gels and ointments

2- Suppositories

3- Capsules

4- Sublingual lozenges (troches)

5- Sublingual drops

6- Lollipops

7- Sprays

We work together with dentists and their patients to solve problems using pharmaceutical grade chemicals and specialized equipment not found in most pharmacies in order to compound medications in doses and dosage forms that are not commercially available. We want to optimize the care of every patient. Just let us know what you need!

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